Who Are We?

American Football Events (AFE) is an amateur sports program specializing in providing opportunities for athletes of all ages and walks of life to showcase their skills and participate in one of a kind events. These events range from International All-Star All-American games to professional tryouts, scouting combines and much much more!

What Do We Do?

We utilize the knowledge and networks of present and former professional, collegiate, semi-pro and high school coaches, scouts, agents, and players. This knowledge and networking allows us to assist in getting athletes and coaches experience, opportunities, and most importantly exposure needed to set themselves apart and get them to the next level.


  • As a sergeant in the US Army (82nd AIRBORNE Division) if you are going to represent the USA you have to do it with senses of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage, and Selfless Service. All of these traits are apparent with AFE. I arrived at the Myrtle Beach Bowl expecting a semipro atmosphere, what I got was nothing short of PROFESSIONAL! The coaching staff had a family first attitude that is anchored by our leader, Coach G! From the first practice to the final whistle, I was constantly impressed with the amount of attention to detail that was placed on the event as well as our team. The uniforms speaks for itself and represents the United States Of America to a T. The brotherhood was second to none and will develop into lasting friendships. I would be honored to suit up and represent for AFE Team USA at any and all future events. Only one way to do it and thats………… TOGETHER! - Rodney Beasley (WR) Greensboro, N.C.    
  • I fell in love with this organization’s professionalism and way of doing things. My first experience with this organization in the Yucatan Bowl inspired me to be the best player and person I can be. I really like the direction this organization is heading and I would love to be apart of the future success. Watch out for AFE Team USA Allstars! - Rickey Singh (DB) Hunstville, A.L.    
  • I have had the privilege to be a part of AFE USA all-stars for 4 events now. With my experiences, this is not just an organization it is truly a family and the most professionally ran team I have ever experienced. I am a Navy veteran and when I had to get out of the military you look to fill that void with something equal to what you left, for me it was football. When I was selected to join AFE USA all-stars it gave me a chance to represent this country one more time. All the events during the weekend were first class and even though you are there for business the organization makes sure you can experience everything around you outside of football. It is truly my family and will be long after I am done playing this wonderful game. - Anthony Rini (C) Smithville, O.H.    
  • As a team doctor for many teams locally and internationally, this is by far the most organized and most professional team I’ve ever worked with. From the coaches, to the staff, to the players involved. I have made life long friends and family through all the events that I’ve been involved with. They really put their hearts into the events including working with the community and making sure the players have good environment to practice and play. I am blessed and honored to be part of this organization. - Chris Tsai (Staff) Burbank, C.A.    

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